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How to Be a Consistent Businessman

Consistent is a fixed action, unchanging. Related to this consistent many stories from entrepreneurs are very difficult to do.

Many of us meet businessmen who today he sells Bakso Ojolali, 3 months later his business he closed and changed into meatballs and chicken noodles. Then when I met again in the next 6 months, his business was changed again to a motorcycle repair shop.

The above is an example of an inconsistent entrepreneur.

Consistent attitude is one of the keys to success in doing business. Business people who are currently successful at the time of pioneering their business they consistently continue to run their business, no matter what.

Then the question is, how can we be a consistent businessman? We’ll cover it in this article.

Table of Contents

  • How to Be a Consistent Businessman
  • Conduct business processes consistently
  • Focus on one goal until success
  • Change your perception of routine and consistent

How to Be a Consistent Businessman

Conduct business processes consistently

We realize or not it turns out that 80% of the daily activities we do are routine. This routine can also be called a process.

So is business. A business is an activity or process that is always repetitive. Starting from planning the target market, producing goods, to getting sales everything is the same process.

Therefore a good process will produce good results. Likewise, bad business processes will produce bad results.

So to be a consistent businessman you need to go through the business process over and over again.

This you can start with yourself, for example when in the morning you create a productive routine. Do it all the time until it becomes your habit.

It’s not directly related to business processes, but with you having your own routine it will have an impact on your business.

Focus on one goal until success

A lot of businessmen fail not because they don’t have capital. But many entrepreneurs fail because they have many goals to achieve and of all the goals none of them are successful.

It would be better if you as a businessman only have 1 goal and achieve that goal until it is actually achieved.

Let’s say you determine the business goal is to get a turnover of Rp 1 billion in 3 months. If the goal has not been achieved do not open a new business. No matter what happens keep the business you started until your goal is achieved.
Change your perception of routine and consistent

The third thing to be a consistent business person is to change your perception of consistency.

Let’s say you have a perception that things become routines that are boring. To be consistent it’s a tough thing, and so on.

If your perception is still like that at any time you will not be consistent.

Therefore change your perception of what is consistent. For example consistently it is the key to a successful business. So if you are inconsistent, your business will not be successful.

By simply changing your perception it will change everything. Your way of thinking changes, so how you work will also change.

Those are 3 things you can do to be a consistent businessman. Hopefully useful and see you in the next article.